7 Mar 2017

Paintings of Surreal Architecture with Gothic Undertones

Surrealism explored in worlds that have a different set of the Laws of Physics.
Polish Artist Jaroslaw Jaśnikowski grew up with a fascination with science fiction and a love for art.  It was the discovery of the works of Salvador Dali and the encounter with artist Wojciech Siudmak, that focused is life, as an artist, towards surrealism, or fantastic realism.  His paintings are characterised by the use of fascinating flying machines and in some cases, buildings, some with a strong Gothic influence.

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The end of the Twentieth Century.
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Port in the mist II.
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Airships - Steam Engines and Automobile.
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Bleak House.
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Fragility of Being.
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Lonely frigate.
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Snail - who wanted to be a butterfly.
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The arrival of an emissary.
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The lost land of childhood dreams.
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To rediscover the beauty of the ancient world.
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Waiting for the movement of the cherry is not a waste of time.
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