24 Mar 2017

Creating Art from Unconventional Materials

This Artist, can make Art from just about anything.
The title was no gimmick, Bill Fink uses a lot of different materials to construct his portraits, architectural buildings and flowers.  This is a partial list, as every image, will mention the material it was made from: Ashes, Wood, Hair, Pollen, Glass, etc.  This is once again proof that if you want to create art, you can do it with anything that is around you, you just need the willingness to start and to keep practising.  This is a statement taken from Fink's site, that I think, sums him up, "My life and art are both experiments in progress".

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My Eye - Made from the Artist's Hair.
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My Eye - Detail.
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Flowers made entirely of pollen.
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Bob - Made entirely from Bob’s Ashes.
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Fig Tree - Made with twigs from fig tree.
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Mission - Made Entirely of soil (from location) San Francisco De Asis Church New Mexico.
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Made of Glass.
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Quaker Oats - Made of Quaker Oats.
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The Chicken - Made entirely from eggshells.
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Spruce Goose - Made with wood from Spruce Goose.
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Made of Hair.
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Made of Ashes.
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Made of Hair.
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The Artist and his Mother - Made from Mom's Hair.
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