13 Apr 2017

Surrealism in Paintings not Always Explained

Surreal paintings that are enhanced by a personal narrative for the viewer.
British artist Mike Worrall, now working in Australia, paints many different themes, the ones I gravitate towards are his surreal ones.  Worrall explain that his doesn't have a hangup about finding meaning behind every one of his surreal paintings and that is happy to let his viewers find it for themselves, as it ads a more and lasting interest, to his pieces.  His art is exhibited in Australia and abroad with collector of his work, all around the world.

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The Exploration of Time.
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The Suburb of Derelict Dreams.
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It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow.
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Garden of Geometry.
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Garden of Melancholia.
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Hide and Seek.
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The Trouble with Time.
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The Relevance of Time.
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Call of the Wild.
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The Lost Narrative.
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