12 Apr 2017

Eclectic Collection of Body Painting Make Ups

Artist like these, have the power to change people's faces or entire bodies in fantastic ways.
I have put together a variety of styles of Body Painting Artist Sagot Body Paint.  The styles include: blending with the background, marine views, optical Illusion, monsters, a cyborg and sugar skull make ups.  The range of different styles, Sagot is able to accomplish, ensures that if you have an idea for Halloween or costume party, he is likely to be able to deliver at a very high standard.  Do you fancy changing you appearance for a night?  What would you change it to?

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Blending with the Background.
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Blending with the Painting.
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Fading in the Background.
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Ocean view, Dolphins.
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Ocean view, Orcas.
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Optical Illusion.
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Freddy Krueger - A Nightmare on Elm Street.
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Iron Maiden Monster.
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Cyborg Make Up.
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Sugar Skull Make Ups.
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