31 May 2017

A Mixture of Surrealism and Fantasy Digital Art

00-Sylar113-A Mixture-of-Surrealism-and-Fantasy-Digital-Art-www-designstack-co
Lovely Digital Drawings made from the essence of dreams...
Russian Digital Artist Sylar113, imagines and then produces drawings or paintings of scenes, that some of us only really allow ourselves to visit during sleeping hours.  Daydreaming is something that is frowned upon in most societies, viewed as a waste of time and a trait that needs to be left behind with childhood. Imagine what would happen to some of our greatest works of art, books and music, if the people creating these masterpieces, were stripped of their imagination and forced to focus solely, on what is right in front of them.  The antidote to this problem is simple, feed your mind with more things that stimulate it, in or out of the box.  You can start with the Surreal and Fantasy digital art drawings below, then you can move on re-imagining the world you live in.  Baby steps first...

01-Who-is-in-the-Fish-Bowl-Sylar113-A Mixture-of-Surrealism-and-Fantasy-Digital-Art-www-designstack-co
Who is in the Fish Bowl.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

02-Speedpaint-A-window-into-the-World-Sylar113-A Mixture-of-Surrealism-and-Fantasy-Digital-Art-www-designstack-co
Speedpaint - A window into the World.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

03-Jellyfish-at-the-Bus-Stop-Sylar113-A Mixture-of-Surrealism-and-Fantasy-Digital-Art-www-designstack-co
Jellyfish at the Bus Stop.
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04-The-Magic-Well-Sylar113-A Mixture-of-Surrealism-and-Fantasy-Digital-Art-www-designstack-co
The Magic Well.
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05-Paper-Boat-Sylar113-A Mixture-of-Surrealism-and-Fantasy-Digital-Art-www-designstack-co
Paper Boat.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

06-Lunar-Mouse-Sylar113-A Mixture-of-Surrealism-and-Fantasy-Digital-Art-www-designstack-co
Lunar Mouse.
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07-To-each-his-own-Land-Sylar113-A Mixture-of-Surrealism-and-Fantasy-Digital-Art-www-designstack-co
To each his own Land.
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08-The-Island-Sylar113-A Mixture-of-Surrealism-and-Fantasy-Digital-Art-www-designstack-co
The Island.
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09-Earth-to-earth-ashes-to-ashes-water-to-water-Sylar113-A Mixture-of-Surrealism-and-Fantasy-Digital-Art-www-designstack-co
Earth to Earth, Ashes to Ashes... Water to Water.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

10-Speedpaint-Monster-Fishing-Sylar113-A Mixture-of-Surrealism-and-Fantasy-Digital-Art-www-designstack-co
Speedpaint - Monster Fishing.
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11-Dream-Sylar113-A Mixture-of-Surrealism-and-Fantasy-Digital-Art-www-designstack-co
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12-Speedpaint-Candlelit-Swim-Sylar113-A Mixture-of-Surrealism-and-Fantasy-Digital-Art-www-designstack-co
Speedpaint - Candlelit Swim.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

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