30 May 2017

Gothic and Steampunk style Architecture with Ink and Watercolor Illustrations

Cool Illustrations and Sketches depicting very ornate buildings.
Polish Artist Elwira Pawlikowska, is a traditional artist that works with watercolors and inks, to create her paintings and drawings.  The ones we are showcasing in today's post, have a vintage feel, coupled with a Gothic and Steampunk style.  After graduating from Warsaw Faculty of Architecture, Pawlikowska became a freelance illustrator.  Even though her main work is done in a traditional way, she sometimes uses digital art to touch up or refine a drawing.  As she says on her site, her main sources of inspiration come from: "works of old masters (L. da Vinci, G. B. Pi-ranesi. A. Durer) as well as in fantasy books, heavy, melodic music and long walks in the woods."
Find what inspires you and go out and create...

Steampunk Landscape.
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Gothic Cathedral.
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Gothic Cathedral.
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Steampunk Chapel.
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Steampunk House.
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Steampunk Observatory.
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Steampunk Lighthouse.
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The Train in the Station.
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Steampunk Reflections.
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