3 May 2017

Animal Drawings Scratched out of Ink with the Scratchboard

Drawings that look impressive, which are going to fascinate you, when you find out how they are made.
Mostly self taught artist Lorna Hannett, produces art in many different mediums but, her favourite and the one I am bringing to you today, is her (drawing) work using the scratchboard.  I have included below a description from the artist explaining how the scratchboard works and the process necessary to to create black and white or color images.  Her (hyper realistic) drawings are a beauty to look at especially, once you realise all of the work that goes into them.  Press (scratchboard) for more posts on this subject.

The Artist's Description of the process:
"My artwork is done on a masonite board covered in white Kaolin clay and then sprayed with India ink. I transfer my drawing onto the board using white transfer paper. Then using a variety of sharp instruments, my favourite a scalpel, I make small scratches in varying depths and lengths, revealing the white beneath and eventually the image emerges.

This can be left as is at this point or I can “color” it, using thin coats of coloured inks, made especially for claybord, which I used for this rose.

I scratch in again and re-ink several times to achieve the depth of colour and highlights that I want. Other media such as watercolour, pastels and even coloured pencils may be used to colour the boards.

When I am done, I coat it with an acrylic spray sealer, to protect the finished piece".

Cute Raccoon.

Cat deep in Thought.

Cat Playing.

Corey and Friend.

Sun-Drenched Elephant.

Wolf Pups.

Guilty Dog.

Otter's Life on the Rocks.

Dozer Looking Casual.

Bald Eagle.

Bighorn Ram.

Zebras Garden-Party.

Moonlight Swim Tiger.

The Warning - Bear.

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