4 May 2017

Conceptual Visual Art and Digital Paintings

A bit of a mixture between photo manipulation / visual and digital art.
Filipino artist Michael Vincent Manalo, has a versatile mind, that tends to venture out of the box, in the realms of the (surreal) and conceptual art spaces.  His (digital art), almost looks like a picture was taken of a person's mind, mid-dream, where a story is just unfolding.  As viewers, we are in a fantastic position to fill-in the blanks as to what happened before this point and what might happen after it.  Before we attempt this reconstruction, of Manalo's (paintings), we have to study his art and look at all of the details that might give an indication as to where the protagonist came from and where they are going.  The titles can be a good starting point. Ps. I have added a couple of titles as they were not present on the original images.

Obsessions with self.
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Those Nasty Things Kept From You.
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Awakened, though He was not Sleeping.
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Chasing After Memories.
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Cold, Quiet Nights You Wandered.
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In the City at Night.
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On the Edge of a new Dawn.
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Searching for Answers.
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Suddenly Surreal.
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There Was Nothing But Silence Between Us.
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The Story Teller.
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Those things we thought were real.
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Through a Memory Can I Only Feel You.
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