5 May 2017

Dioramas with Paper Cutouts in Recycled Containers

A lot of artists create their art, and then look for a something to enclose and display it.  Not this one, he finds ready made, recycled containers and then produces his art inside it.
American Artist Jim Doran, uses all sort of (recycled) containers and upcycles them by creating miniature dioramas inside them.  The following is a list of a few of the materials he uses to showcase his art: spoons, sardine tins and different types of small metal boxes.  The following is how Doran lists the materials he uses to create his little scenes:  "scalpel, (paper), tree sap, moonlight and magic".  People spend a lot of money to find the perfect way of displaying their work, frames in the case of paintings and glass or perspex domes for (sculptures).  Doran used every day items, that would otherwise be thrown away, to add to the beauty of the finished piece.

The Ghoul and the Grackles.
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Always a.
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Always b.
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City of Lost Things a.
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City of Lost Things b.
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Jellyfish a.
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Jellyfish b.
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A Fine Can of Fish.
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Dr F.
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Lapsang Souchong tea.
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Muse Ut Vos Postulo Suus.
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Perennial Libertas.
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The Ghoul and the Grackles.
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The Shadows of Pine Island.
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