4 Jun 2017

Heritage and Water Playing a Part in Detailed Ink Drawings

Detailed illustrations that make you appreciate the this artist's fine art.
Nanami Cowdroy was Born in Sydney Australia, from her mixed Japanese-European heritage, parents.  Some people would see this as a disadvantage, as they think, they would be seen different and not fit with their friends.  I am of the opinion that it's an asset, it can broaden your mind and give you more that one angle, through which you can see life from, with a bigger understanding of other cultures.  Her name, Nana-mi, means 'Seven Seas' in Japanese, and that would explain why, most of her work, includes water and sea creatures.  The fluid detailed work, coupled with the intensity of the color in her black and white drawings, really portray a strength that comes through her artwork.  Cowdroy has been featured before, here on DesignStack, link below.

Splashes of Ink Drawings

Delicate Balance.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Open Heart.
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A Curious Embrace.
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Entangled Delight.
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Exquisite Femme.
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Kari-No-Yo - Transient World.
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Kigen - Beginnings.
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Mugen - Eternity.
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Hook Line and Inker.
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