5 Jul 2017

Body Painting Recreations of Famous Paintings

Famous paintings reproduced by using live Models and making them look 2D.
This is a very successful collaboration between Special Effects Makeup Artist Bella Grigoryants and Freelance Photographer Andrey Kezzyn.  I am guessing that the set-up and the preparation for the actual painting is just as important and time consuming, as painting the actual image on the model and background.  As well as replicating the image as faithfully as she can, Grigoryants has to eliminate any reference to the 3D aspect, that our eyes could pick up and therefore spoiling the effect.  Great work from both artists, that literally bring to life, famous paintings from the past.  They make it clear that NO PHOTOSHOP was used in the process.

Being Vincent Van Gogh.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Being Andy Warhol.
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Being Frida Kahlo.
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Being Henri Matisse.
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Being Modigliani.
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Being Picasso.
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Being Vrubel.
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