28 Aug 2017

Architecture Carved out of the Rock

Cave homes that have been upgraded to the 21st century.
These cave dwellings used to house people but have now been given a stylish makeover and have become La Dimora di Metello Hotel, in Matera, a historical town in Southern Italy.  The design was executed by Manca Studio, that turned this home into a real attraction.  The hotel holds four rooms, common areas, that include a terrace and a spa.  The rooms come in different sizes and shapes, exuding plenty of character each, in their own way.  I have made a GIF animation of each bedroom, so that you get a feel of the unique detailing, each room comes with.  Because it's housed in the rock, insulation values are going to be fantastic, which means, cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  Enjoy the photographs below and have a great week.

Building Exterior.
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Terrace with fantastic views of the town.
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Entrance to the Hotel.
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Bar Counter.
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Part of the Dining Area.
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Seating Area.
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Communal Area.
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Corridor to Rooms.
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Bedroom 1.
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Bedroom 2.
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Bedroom 3.
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Bedroom 4.
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