12 Aug 2017

Detailed Drawings Involving Animals

Animal Drawings surrounded by beautiful details.
Chris R has worked hard to increase the quality of his drawings and to find a style that he was comfortable with, one, that he could call his own.  He admits that even though he started drawing form a young age, he has had to put the time into practising.  There are still areas of drawing that he finds difficult, which he is working on, like human anatomy, that hopes to conquer in the future.  A very honest artist that talks about the fact that, his art has been a journey, not something that he was brilliant at, straight from the get go.  For all aspiring artists out there, keep working at it, get all the help you can for the internet including our "How To" selection of art posts.  Visit galleries, exhibitions and anything else that will broaden your artistic mind.

Source of all Knowledge.
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Koi Fish.
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Light Bringer inspired by Angler Fish.
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The Spirits' Playground.
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Around The Clock.
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On The Run.
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Duck War.
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Night Frost.
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Who's up for Tea?
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Tea Party.
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Route 10.
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The Diver.
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