1 Aug 2017

Italian Urban Sketches to Capture Architecture in a moment in Time

Drawings kept as a record of travels to beautiful cities and wonderful architecture.
Gérard Michel makes a record of each of his travels and as he says on his site, he actually draws them on the spot, he does not take a reference picture and then draws it in his studio.  Michel tell us in his bio, that he has completed thousands of these architectural drawings.  A photograph is a beautiful way of recording the memory of an urban setting, to which can attach the feelings you were experiencing at the time.  With a drawing you don't take in the image in as a whole, but rather detail by detail, as that is how you sketch it, giving you a more intimate understanding for the place you are in.  For more examples of his work, I have put a link to his previous work here on DesignStack, below:

Urban Architectural Drawings from your Teacher

Rome Scalinata della Trinita dei Monti.
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Florence Il Duomo.
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Florence Gallerie degli Uffizi.
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Tuscany Sansepolcro.
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Rome Castel Sant'Angelo Bridge.
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Rome Colosseum.
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Rome Pantheon.
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Rome Santa Maria dell'Orazione.
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Rome Trevi fountain.
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Venice Campo di SS Giovanni & Paolo.
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Venice Piazza San Marco.
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Venice Ponte S. Canzian.
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