7 Sept 2017

3D Pavement Drawings Anamorphic Illusions

Artist draws impermanent scenes that are washed away with the rain and time.
British Artist Julian Beever, started his Pavement Drawings to fund his travels over various continents: Europe, Us and Australia.  This is how he describes his art: "Anamorphic illusions are drawn in a special distortion in order to create an impression of 3 dimensions when seen from one particular viewpoint."  See examples of how they work, below.  He started off with portraits of celebrities, but then moved on the the 3D illustrations and this is when the commissions really started coming in.  Even though he does a lot of corporate work, he still finds the time to draw what inspires him on the streets.  Final thought from Beever: "My work appeals literally to the man and woman in the street and is not confined in galleries or limited by the gallery system."

Batman and Robin.
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Time Square in Time Square New York City.
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Swimming Pool in the High Street.
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Swimming-Pool In The High Street, from the side.
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Feeding the Fish.
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About to meet Mr Newt.
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Meeting Mr Frog.
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Finding Gold.
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Little and Large.
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Make Poverty History.
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Make Poverty History drawn.
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Let's be Friends.
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Taking the Plunge.
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Waste of Water.
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