2 Oct 2017

Micro Flats a way of Making Homes more Affordable

There is a lot of debate about these kind of homes, some of the points for and against, in the post.
Major cities around the world are experiencing the same problems, lack of accommodation as a whole and in particular, affordable housing.  These seem to be the two opposing sides:
1 Some think that as a society we are too wasteful, we consume many more resources than what we need and downsizing is a good way to cut back.  
The other side thinks: 2 This is a cynical ploy of developers to charge more per ft² or m² by making people live in a shoebox.  
I don't think that it's sitting on the fence if I say that both sides have a point and that the best solution is trying to make a home, something comfortable and relaxing where people thrive without giving in to excesses.  This is a complex and emotionally charged subject with many arguments for and against, so I just made a couple of points to illustrate the options that face our societies.  The Idea behind some of these new micro habitation is that, you don't spend all of your time in the apartment, but visit the communal spaces like gym, cinema room coffee shop, etc. in the building, where you can socialise with other residents.  These particular micro flats are in London, UK, in zone 1, centre of town and will range from 204ft² (19m²) to 258ft² (24m²) and cost from $940 (£700) to $1,612 (£1,200) per month.  Where do you stand on the issue?  Let us know in the comment section below. Some of the popular layouts below.  Via huffingtonpost.

Bed Area.
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Kitchen Area.
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Shower Room.
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Bedroom Living and Kitchen Area.
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