3 Oct 2017

Gothic Drawings from an Architect in 18th Century

Drawing drawn more than a century ago, that still amaze with their beauty and detailing.
Eugène Viollet-le-Duc "27 January 1814 – 17 September 1879) was a French architect and theorist, famous for his interpretive restorations of medieval buildings. Born in Paris, he was a major Gothic Revival architect." Extract from wikipedia.  Fantastic illustrations that tell a story about how things where at the time they were drawn.  It's like having a window that opens in the 1800s, that lets us share a view Viollet-le-Duc had at the time.  Enjoy this this time machine excursion and remember to take in the sites.  images via oldbookillustrations.

A Shop in Paris.
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Timber Framed House.
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South Gate of Albi Cathedral.
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Gable of the western facade of the Basilica of Saint Mary Magdalene in Vézelay.
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Tympanum at the Tours Cathedral.
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Fourteenth-century stone cathedra from St. Séverin Church, Bordeaux.
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Delivery of Ammunition.
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Flanking Tower.
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Palais de la Cité.
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The Recevresse, Avioth, France.
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Tomb of Charles the Bald.
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Tour de Nesle.
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Two Boys Playing with Puppets.
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