13 Oct 2017

Photo Manipulation that Shapes our View of the World

Artists like her, have the power to reshape our world with fantastic new views, that rewrite the laws of physics.
Helena Milton and others like her, have the next best thing to active powers, a wonderfully vivid imagination, a photo library and photo manipulation software.  Changing the laws of nature is no small feat, but Milton seems to be able to turned it on its head, quite literally in some cases, with ease.  This kind of surrealism can be seen as a separate dimensions where, artist like Milton can create, experiment, redesign and bring us brand new and exiting worlds and universes.  We can use these images to enrich our imagination banks in our minds and re-purpose them, to populate our own dreams.

Defy Nature.
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The Cave.
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Nature's Dress.
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Solar Marbles.
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Air Show.
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The Moon taking a Swim.
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The Butterfly.
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Wonder & Mystery.
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There are no Limits to Exploration.
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