4 Oct 2017

Visiting Surrealism in Photo Collage Worlds

A Surreal Artist with a degree in Philosophy and another one in Photography.
American Surrealist Artist Maggie Taylor, has a background that in my opinion, really helps the creating these fantastic scenes.  One of one of my favourite projects, is her Alice in Wonderland inspired art, also one of my favourite stories.  A quintessential treasure trove of surrealism inspiration, for any artist.  As I always say in the surrealist posts, make use of the artist's work to inspire you and exercise your imagination.  Allow it to take you through wonderful flights of fancy, which are free of charge and amazingly relaxing.  How can you refuse an offer like that?

And a good handsome shape it is.
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It's always tea time - Alice in Wonderland inspired.
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I'm grown up now Alice - Alice in Wonderland inspired.
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Explain yourself Alice - Alice in Wonderland inspired.
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Anything but a regular bee.
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A tale begun in other days.
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Before breakfast.
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Fellow travellers.
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First the fish must be caught.
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She knew what was expected.
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The concert.
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This is what I wish.
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1 comment:

  1. these pieces are a clear demonstration of surrealism and also they are very imaginative and thought provocative. i needed inspiration for an assignment. keep posting more


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