21 Dec 2017

Surreal Oil Paintings that tell us a Story

A perfectly mixed cocktail of Italian Early, High Renaissance and a Modern Surreal Message.
German Artist Siegfried Zademack has carved a path for himself, which is very distinct from the painters that preceded him.  A style that is normally associated with Old Masters, delivered through Oil Paintings, with modern, historic, political and religious connotations.  Zademack's work carries more complex symbols that your average painting, it requires a knowledge of all of the areas listed above.  That said, the beauty of surrealism, is that you can use your own knowledge and experience to construct your own story around the art, you are looking at.  Have fun putting together the building block and enjoying the final construction...

Inspired by the Roar of the Sea.
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In Good Company.
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The Richest Man in the World.
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Böcklins Island of Death, Displaced.
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Bio-Chemical Perpetuum Mobile.
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Face of the Town.
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In Philosophical Ecstasy.
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Poetry of Infinity.
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Room without View.
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The Corner of Beethoven's Mouth.
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The Forgotten Umbrella.
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Venice at low Tide (aqua bassa).
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With all Power.
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