26 Jan 2018

An Exploration of Humanity Through Pencil Drawings

Artwork that seeks to tell a story, though the large images the artist produces.
Joel Daniel Phillips takes time to look around, he notices people, even the ones that some of us, easily airbrush out of our daily lives.  Phillips doesn't see his life-sized pencil portraits as a simple recreation of the image of a person, but more as description of that individual's life and experiences, in that moment in time.  We have featured this talented artist before, here on DesignStack, I will put the link below.  In this post I have included two bodies of work from Phillips, which is the title in front of the model's name.

Drawings of forgotten People in front of Us

Charlie Lee is in the House.
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Hazards May Be Present - Alex's Coat.
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The Artist in His Studio.
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Hazards May Be Present - Aunt Kitty.
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Hazards May Be Present - Billy's Orchid.
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Hazards May Be Present - Charlie Lee.
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Hazards May Be Present - Dwayne.
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Hazards May Be Present - James.
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Hazards May Be Present - Shelley.
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Hazards May Be Present - Tennessee.
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Hazards May Be Present - TJ.
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No Regrets - Ben.
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No Regrets - Eugene.
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No Regrets - G.
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