30 Jan 2018

Architectural Drawings and Urban Sketches

Drawings that are colored-in with marker pens, exploring all sorts of beautiful scenes and buildings + a gold frencie.  :)
Russian Artist Katerina Kurtakova (Бровка Катерина) is an Architect, Sketcher and Illustrator, that not only is very good artist, but she also teaches online and creates videos to share her technique and skills.  I have included one below one that shows the entire process, from start to finish, from which you can pick some invaluable tips.  More pictures of buildings doors and interior views below.  A lot of different scenes to inspire the artist in you, or to daydream yourself into beautiful locations with peaceful surroundings...

Sunset in New York marker. How to draw a sunset marker. Light in Architecture.

Sunset in New York.
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Beautiful Balconies.
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Interior Staircase and Sculptures.
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Beautiful Building.
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Carousel - Merry Go Round.
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Chocolate Shop.
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Flower shop.
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Fortnum & Mason.
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Parisian Front Door.
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Stone Columns Work in progress.
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The Peninsula Hotel.
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Tiny Restaurant.
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View of the river.
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Gold Frencie French Bulldog.
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