29 Jan 2018

Architecture with the Tiny House Village

This particular project is aimed at homeless veterans.
The VCP (Veterans Community Project), which is an association of veterans that help other veterans, raised the money necessary to make this project a reality.  With the permission of Kansas City and donations from some of its community, that provided the funds for 50 individual tiny homes, built to provide security, privacy and stability for veterans, with each building costing on average $10,000.  They have also secured the services of a nearby community centre to provide counselling and classes. This isn't a community which is going to be isolated in the middle of nowhere, they are near other residential houses to making integration, a more sustainable goal.  The veterans can live for free in the house, for as long as they need it, until they are ready to move on.  There is no reason why this model can't be replicated for people in need from all walks of life and backgrounds, within our cities.  It's very interesting to see some of the changes in architecture, even though very slow, to accommodate the new necessities people have in the 21st century.  A lot of the change is spearheaded, at the moment, by individuals and small companies, whilst Architects, Designers and Engineers + Politicians as a whole, are lagging behind.  They still support only one choice, the 1 size fits all model of a home, which is being rejected by some people, in favour of more personalised approach for home owners and communities.  The tiny home needs to be accepted as well as multi occupancy studio buildings and many more options, all built to a high standard.

KC Veterans Embark on 'Tiny' Mission | Veterans Coming Home | KCPT

The Pond.
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Bedroom Area.
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Kitchen and Bathroom.
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Plans for the undeveloped site.
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Prototype House.
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The houses are being delivered.
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The village is taking place.
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The village almost Complete.
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The Veterans.
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