23 Jan 2018

Observations and Ideas in Moleskine Drawings

An artist that records in writing and drawings, the places he visits and finds interesting.
Architect Jerome Tryon describes his work, on social media as "observations and ideas".  He does this by keeping a journal with drawings and written portions, of places and buildings that capture his interest.  These sights push him to make a note plus illustrate details of what fascinated him of a particular view.

Thoughts and studies on Post Alley, Pioneer Square.
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Georgetown Steam Plant.
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Notes from a tour of the old Georgetown Steam Plant.
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Alternate Histories series for Pioneer Square, a collaborative ideation project with Laura Bartunek.
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Vignettes of my morning commute on top and a parking lot in pioneer square on the bottom.
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Ash Grove Cement.
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Berlin Moleskine.
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Bode Museum in Berlin.
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09-Historic-church-in-The Dalles-Oregon-Jerome-Tryon-Observations-and-Ideas-in-Moleskine-Drawings-www-designstack-co
Historic church in The Dalles, Oregon.
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Kyougi notepad, the paper is usually used in Japan for cooking.
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Lighting study in progress.
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Shortest day of the year.
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South Jackson Street Seattle.
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