22 Jan 2018

Recycled Silo Tiny Home Architecture

An Architect that tested his own ideas and design, on himself.
German Architect Jan Körbes, is a true professional that, in my opinion, has a more inclusive way of designing a liveable structure.  He doesn’t only come up with the concept and design, but also tests it for himself.  This is really the only way to assess what works and what doesn't, a way of finding solutions to how to make it better and fixing the problems.  After having lived in an RV fro two years with his young daughter, he bought a used grain silo and converted it with the help of his company REFUNC, that specialises in recycling materials, making them,once more, useful to society.  The  home is 13 m² (140 f²).  The house has 3 floors with a climbing wall that connects them.  It has everything a home needs: a bedroom at the top, a living room area in the middle and a toilet / shower and a kitchen at the bottom.  More photographs and a video to learn more about this unique Tiny Home.

Old silo now spaceship-esque tiny home in Berlin.

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In the Snow.
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Living Room.
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Climbing between Floors.
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Collection of the Silo.
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Transportation of the Silo.
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Erection of the Silo.
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Temporary space for the home.
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The Silo at Night.
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