17 Jan 2018

Recycled and Upcycled Blue Jeans Denim Art

Art that you are likely to confuse for an oil painting, or a blue toned photograph.
For British Artist Ian Berry, it's not about using denim as a recycled and upcycled material to take all of the credit and to justify a less than perfect result.  His artworks are so good, that people mistake them for other mediums, even when they are relatively close to the actual piece.  One of the things he says, is that in photographs and prints, a lot of the depth of the cololor and texture differences are lost, offering a mere suggestion as just how great these scenes really are.  Working with jeans started as an experiment, when Berry saw a used pile of them and noticed the fantastic variations in tones and colors each pair came with.

A New York diner and a taxi cab.
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Hot day in London today.
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In a Delicate Cycle.
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Ideal Home.
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Borough Market London.
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Grey day in London today.
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New York, New York.
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Portobello Road West London.
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Same Model Different Location.
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Subway pixallated People.
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The feeling when you arrive in New York.
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The Subway.
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"It's not like mixing paint, I literally have to spend so long looking for that perfect piece."
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