25 Feb 2018

Celebrity Miniature Black and White Pencil Portraits

Spot and recognise the celebrity, more in the main post.
This is the second time we feature talented Indian artist dhruvmignon, I will provide a link after this written portion.  In the previous post, I assembled a sample of his minimalist hair study, only hair, no faces, a really interesting set of miniature drawings.  In this post the spotlight will be shining on celebrities.  We are so familiar with their faces, that one detail out of place and we are sure to notice it, + the small scale at which he draws, could potentially make his work wide open for criticism, if he makes any mistakes.  I think he has nothing to worry about with these black and white portraits, as they really look wonderful and spot on.

Minimalist and Realistic Hair Study

Taylor Swift.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

David Beckham.
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Chris Brown.
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Emma Watson.
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Drake - Champagne Papi.
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Jennifer Lawrence.
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Zayn Malik.
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Katy Perry.
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Gigi Hadid.
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Kylie Jenner.
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Barbara Palvin.
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Merida from Brave.
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