7 Mar 2018

Miniature Vintage Match Book Drawings

Beautiful drawing, scenes from movies, actors, artists and so much more, drawn on small surfaces.
Jason D'Aquino describes himself and his work in the following way: “ I am a miniaturist who works primarily in graphite on found antique surfaces. Whether it's a vintage match book, an old page from an antique ledger, or any other historical ephemera - the complexion of the surface is never artificially discolored, but rather naturally aged due to it's exposure to the elements over time.  I achieve these miniature drawings with the aid of architectural drafting tools and high-magnification goggles.  A pervasive theme in my work is the temporary nature of all things, and because of the size of my work much of the content is left to the viewer to discover or overlook.”  More of his miniatures in the previous post about him, here on DesignStack, below.

Vintage Matchbook Drawings 

Fridah Kahlo.
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Christopher Walken.
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The Virgin Mary.
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Saint Michael.
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Abraham Lincoln.
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Alfred Hitchcock.
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Creature From The Black Lagoon.
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The Good The Bad And The Ugly.
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Guitar Player.
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Russian Ballet.
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Marlene Dietrich.
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Walt Disney.
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Richie The Barber.
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Nikon Photo Camera.
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Doctor Cyclops.
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