13 Mar 2018

The Shoreditch Sketcher Travelling around Europe

An artist that keeps drawing records, of the wonderful places he visits and lives in.
Phil Dean is a British artist, that not only creates art based on his country of origin, but that also records architectural styles of the places he visits.  A beautiful way of visiting a city, or a way of appreciating their architecture, without ever stepping foot in the City or Country.  Sketching is a wonderful way of reminding you of a place and the feelings associated with it.  Plus, a way of appreciating the small details, something you have to notice and make reference to, if your drawing is going to approximate the view in real life.  We are all tourists in this post, guided in this excursion, by Dean's view of the world.

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Leadenhall Market.
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The Ritz Hotel, London.
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The Wenlock.
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Florence, Italy.
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Siena, Italy.
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Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.
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The Factory.
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Royal William Yard, Plymouth.
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Leeds City Market.
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Soho, London.
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The Jugged Hare.
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The Culpeper.
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