27 Apr 2018

Photographic Illustrations of Digital Surrealism

Illustrations that are going to take you on a trip amongst surreal realities.
I love the way Paula Belle Flores describes herself: "a nature lover with a crush for old things".  Flores is a self taught Photographer and Digital Artist, she combines different images and blends them, to look like a cohesive illustration, based in a universe dedicated to surrealism.  Flores' finished pieces coupled with her titles, give our imagination a jump start, like if it was the winding mechanism of one of those 1920's cars.  Crank up your engines and drive your mind through worlds of pure dreaming material and remember to take in, all the wonderful sites.

A Basket of Wishes.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

My Favourite Swing Ride.
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My favourite Yo Yo.
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Shhh...Lady Night is Coming.
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Another Kind of Mary Poppins.
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Press the Image to Enlarge it.

If Moon Would Travel.
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Light the Universe.
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Moon Reverie.
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Moon River Lady.
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The Rose That Wanted to See the World.
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The Way Home.
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