29 May 2018

Detailed Miniature Real and Imaginary Urban Drawings

Pen drawings presented on paper, to represent the complexity of our cities.
For me, the following is what sums up British Jeff Murray work, it's an extract from his site: "I graduated in 2007 and then worked in different art oriented jobs across Canada for nearly 2 years. Since then I have continued to travel throughout parts of North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia, embracing their different cultures and artistic heritage. A lot of my recent work focuses on intricately and intimately capturing the diversity of these continents only to add to my repertoire of artworks."  Amongst his pen & ink drawings, there is space for real places like Rome and New York, but he also makes space for imaginary places, like the cities in the world of Game of Thrones.

Rome wasn't built in a Day.
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Rome and the Colosseum.
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Paris with love.
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Arc De Triomphe, Paris.
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Highgarden rising up, Game of Thrones.
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King's Landing, Game of Thrones, with a "Colosseum" inspired Dragon Pit.
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Florence Piazza del Duomo.
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New York.
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Saint Basil The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, Moscow, Russia.
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Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico.
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Venice - The Floating City.
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The City of Europe.
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