25 May 2018

Paintings of Flying Machines and Architectural Surrealism

Famous artist that explores different worlds, that he brings to life in his paintings.
The universe of surrealism, is one where Polish Artist Jarosław Jaśnikowski, feels very much at home in.  His paintings span many different subjects, but the most reoccurring ones are: his flying machine and Gothic, predominately, architecture.  Whilst looking at these paintings and appreciating the artistry with which he creates them, we forget that in a way, we are stepping into his imagination.  Jaśnikowski allows us a glimpse of the worlds that populate his mind, it's almost as if he is opening a window for us to contemplate and appreciate the views.  With all the technology we have at our disposal today, this is still the closest image you will have, as to what swirls around another persons head...

PS. the titles have been translated using google translation, so please pardon any inaccuracies.

More Works by Jarosław Jaśnikowski on DesignStack
Surreal Paintings of Fantastic Realism

Alpine Fortress.
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Scandinavian Wind.
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Flight over the Canyon of Clouds.
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Flight over the Delta of the White River.
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Light Emitters.
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No Name.
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A Device for Tending the Torun Tower.
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Safe Stand.
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Tram Depot.
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Rulers of the Desert.
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Ice Blast.
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