12 Jun 2018

Urban Drawings from Memory with Detailed Cityscapes

An artist that uses his memories and skills, to reproduce key details, of the cities we live in.
British artist Stephen Wiltshire, has a passion for drawing and painting, but it is his memory that plays as big a part, as does his art.  He is able to take in and retain a lot of the information he is placed in front of, sometimes even if that time is quite brief.  A talent that allows him to take mental pictures and then, recreate them at a later date, if he chooses to.  I have tried to pick the most varied selection of places in the world, whilst prioritising my favourite cityscapes and urban drawings amongst them.  I hope you agree with my choices and that you enjoy the following.

Times Square - New York City.
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Times Square Street Scene.
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Heron Quays at Canary Wharf - London.
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Covent Garden - London.
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Aerial view of Chicago.
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Aerial view of Manhattan skyline & Brooklyn Bridge.
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Aerial view of the Nine Elms Development - London.
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Central Park 39th floor of Helmsley Park Lane - NY.
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Gondola in the Shade in Venice.
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Bridge of Sighs in Venice.
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Bruges, Belgium.
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Kuala Lumpur Skyline.
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Riverside walk on the Southbank.
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Covent Garden Station - London.
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Yankee Stadium is a stadium located in the Concourse neighborhood of the Bronx in New York City.
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