1 Jul 2018

Graphite Pencil Drawing Portraits

An artist that chooses great subjects to draw portraits of.
German Artist Armin Mersmann was influenced, by his father, an Oil Panting artist, to become an artist himself.  He said that, it is what he grew up knowing, and becoming an artist, was a natural fit for him.  Straight after college, portrait commissions, was how he started off making a good living as an artist.  He knowingly moved to a less profitable aspect of his profession, the fine arts, because he felt more inspired by it.  It was then that he had to work hard to make a living, still, he was doing what he loved and what propelled him as an artist and it was all worth it for him.  Today though, I am bringing to you his portrait drawings, beautifully detailed, as the faces provided by the model he chose to recreate.

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Paleo Joe.
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Blues for Mama.
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Steve Parkhurst.
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Model looking at drawing.
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Linda Menger.
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Name of the Father.
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Self Portrait.
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Larry Butcher.
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Frank Rugani.
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John McCormick.
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