17 Jul 2018

Interior Design Drawings that Help Visualise

Trying explaining what you want to change your your home, can sometimes be difficult, by putting it on a drawing, it allows you a look into a window of a possible future arrangement of your house.
To pick up on that point, you can have various iterations, explore and test any ideas your imagination might suggest, for a layout and finish of room, or the entire house.  It is going to cost you a fraction of going in blind and then realising at the end, that you don't like the look.  Interior Design professionals like, Julia Timireeva (Юлия Тимиреева) provide this service and also provide suggestions, to allow you to fall in love with the design of your room or home, before it is completed in real life.  The first 8 drawings below, are of a Country House Timireeva has worked on, the rest, come from various projects of hers.

Country House Master Bedroom.
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Country House Guest bedroom with access to the balcony.
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Country House Single Bedroom.
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Country House Nursery Room version 2 of the Single Bedroom.
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Country House Living Room on 1st floor.
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Country House Proposed Living Room Kitchen on Ground Floor.
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Country House Proposed Living Room kitchen on Ground Floor mood board.
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Country House Furniture layout Plan First Floor.
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Lavender Mood Master bedroom.
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Palatial look.
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Perfume Boutique.
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Blue and Copper Bathroom.
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