6 Jul 2018

Miniature 3cm Paintings of Wild Animals

Art concerning animals is always something I appreciate, but miniatures, just adds that special extra bit.
First things, first, we have featured the talented Julia Las before, here on DesignStack, I will put the link below this written portions, so that you can have a look at more of her work + a bit more of her back story.  All of her paintings are no larger than 3cm (approximately 1.2 inches) in length.  She recreates all sort of animals, domestic and wild, real and fictional.  In this case the latter is a little Ewok, from the original Star Wars trilogy.  Enjoy the wave of miniature cuteness that is about to hit you...  :)

Tiny Animal Watercolor Paintings and Other Miniature

Baby Elephant and Little Girl.
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Baby Hippopotamus.
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Little Kitten.
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Ewok Star Wars.
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Happy Chimpanzee.
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07-King Penguin-and-Chick-Julia-Las-Miniature-3-cm-Paintings-of-Wild-Animals-www-designstack-co
King Penguin and Chick.
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Polar Bear and Baby.
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Red Squirrel.
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Giant Panda.
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