11 Jul 2018

Surreal Oil Paintings on Canvas

An artist that has stretched reality so much, he has burst into surreal worlds of his making.
German Artist Roland H. Heyder, has a very vivid imagination, which is not afraid to stray from reality, to find a subject to paint. His work consists of oil paintings on canvas and his art is firmly planted in the worlds of surrealism, with influences and traits of other styles.  The following is an extract from Heyder's thoughts about his art: "It is hard for me to discuss my work because I don't like the idea of influencing someone by explaining my own thoughts and opinions concerning  my art. Each painting can either put you in another world, in the middle of a story or simply be the expression in symbols of my inner feelings."  So look at these paintings and see what they mean to you, what thoughts they inspire in your head and in your dreams...

Isle of the Dead.
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The chess draught of a Centaur.
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The Oasis.
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The Circulation of the Money.
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The Circulation of the Money (part 1).
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The Circulation of the Money (part 2).
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The Circulation of the Money (part 3).
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4000 Miles from the Washington coast.
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Dead end Street.
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Say Goodbye.
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Threatened Still Life.
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Carnevale di Venezia.
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