9 Jul 2018

Tiny Apartment with a Smart Design Renovation

A small apartment that is very functional, light and airy.
This was an architectural renovation project, undertaken by architects, A Little Design and the photos taken by Hey! Cheese.  This little apartment is located in Taipei City, Taiwan.  The client, is one of a growing number of young professionals, that can't afford property in this bustling city.  The architects had a briefing from the client that can basically be summarised like this: it has to have the functionality and the feel of space, of a much bigger home.  These are the main measurements of the Flat:  22m² (237ft²) and a height of 3.3m (11ft).  The high ceilings, have allowed a raised sleeping level and at the same time give a sense of air and space in the living room. The wardrobe and shelving are fitted in and the the table for example, mutates when you have dinner guests.  The central area in the living room is purposefully left clear, as the owner of the flat exercises in that area.  The bathroom is full size and the kitchen that has a galley design, has everything you are going to need in it.  Smart design, coupled with the use of white and oak, really give the apartment a light and cosy feel to it.  Personally, I would live in it and I think I would be very comfortable in it.

Floor Plans.
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Wardrobe and Stairs to Bedroom.
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Living Room and Dining Area.
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Dining Area and Study Area.
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Stairs to Bedroom, Kitchen and Entrance.
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Raised Sleeping Area.
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Master Bedroom.
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Shelf and Writing Area.
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Living Room from Above.
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Kitchen, Living Room and Bathroom.
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Full size Bathroom.
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Full size Bathroom.
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GIF Animation.
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