20 Aug 2018

AirShip Multifunctional Architectural House

Very compact, plus you have everything you need to use it, in a variety of different ways.
Roderick James Architects, designed the really cool multifunctional habitation.  The AirShip can be used as a tiny house, office, workshop, hideaway, classroom, bothy (in Scotland, a small hut or cottage, especially one for housing farm labourers or for use as a mountain refuge), or holiday rental accommodation. It is also potentially suitable for flat roofs in cities, subject to loading confirmation.  When off-grid, the stove can be rigged to provide hot water for the shower and the kitchen.  The roof is designed to funnel the water into a storage container under the floor, providing a sustainable source of water.  With floats, it can be used on waterways, lochs, and lakes. With the additions of wheels, it can be moved between locations, where it can be connected to services, or run off-grid.  I have included different layouts of this extremely versatile building, so that you can see a bit of the potential it holds.

Views from the Desk.
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Double bed Bedroom.
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Kitchen and Living Room.
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Kitchen and Dining Area.
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Living Room Layout.
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Living Room Couch Bed.
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Floor Pan of a House Layout.
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More Living Room Layouts.
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Dining Area with a View.
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Kitchen Galley.
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On the Hills.
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In the middle of Nature.
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Possible House for Rent.
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Night brings the Home to Life.
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Looks just like and Airship.
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Cladding added to the Exterior.
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Sunsets with 180 degree views.
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Lit to Impress.
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