22 Aug 2018

Movie Character Drawings within Characters

The tile might not make a lot of sense till you see the images and then I hope you will see the meaning in it.
Sam Brunell aka (@littlesamsart), describes himself as:  "Artist - Illustrator - Dreamer".  He is the creative artist that manages to sum-up a genre of movies, within one illustration.  It's almost like getting an essay and filtering into a tweet.  Brunell explains how he has had to go through many operations growing up and that drawing, creating art, was a way to put all of that aside and focus on something he had a real love for.  During the years he has found success and notoriety with his work, which he sees as a wonderful job for life.  A real passion and love for what you do as a living, make all of the difference, when it comes to your output and happiness.

Fantasy Movies.
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Johnny Depp Movies.
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Walt Disney Mickey Mouse.
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Walt Disney Minnie Mouse.
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Horror Movies Nightmares.
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Horror Movies Nightmares 2.
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Harry Potter - Dobby the House Elf.
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Looney Tunes.
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Laika Studios.
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Alice in Wonderland.
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The Little Mermaid.
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Tim Burton Movies.
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Tim Burton Movies 2.
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