10 Sept 2018

Earth Architecture with the Lunar Lander Tiny House

A Naval Architect, that adapted his skills in this area, to construct a one of a kind home.
Kurt Hughes, describes his challenge for this building like this: "The mission is to build a line of habitable space landers providing creature comforts with low impact on the land and high amazement factor."  By the looks of it, he has achieved all that and more.  As the tile suggests, the tiny house is called the Lunar Lander, which is a off-grid type of habitation, that measures 250 ft² and weighs 3,000 pounds.  The home rests on an adjustable tripod structure and this becomes very useful, when placing it on uneven ground.  Thanks to his experience on boats, the design and the construction, of this home, incorporated features that require minimal maintenance, both inside and out.  The bedroom is situated on the lower level, whilst the rest of the house, is on the level above that.  A 360 degree photo, plus multiple other pictures, will show just how good and practical this home really is.

360 degree view.
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Shower and Toilet.
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Dining Area and Entrance.
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Master Bedroom.
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Bedroom at Night.
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Geodesic Dome.
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Plans for the Structure.
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Home in Situ.
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Uneven Ground Adaptation.
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