7 Sept 2018

Fantasy Digital Art with a Sprinkle of Surrealism

Images that for the most, take us back to an early age, full of wonder and excitement for the unknown.
Maltese artist Lisa Falzon, currently works and lives in Berlin, Germany.  She is self-taught and has switched from a traditional artist approach of using paint, canvas and an easel, to now creating her art exclusively in a digital form.  She has been working hard to expand her style, thus making herself more commercially viable.   Her focus is very much directed towards illustrations, with Meluseena, being her latest children's book.  Lovely images, where Fantasy sometimes meets Surrealism and illustrations tell a story without using words.

Cosmic Kitten.
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You know that feeling of falling out of bed.
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The Goldilocks Zone.
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The Merriest Witch is out on the town.
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The moon and the lighthouse .
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Sometimes, in my head.
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Here's a hug.
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Shortest night of the year.
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Refugees escaping strife over the sea.
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The Glow Stream.
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Star Bear Watched over Her.
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Urban Danae.
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