25 Oct 2018

Mandalas Drawings and More Art

An artist that given art supplies and some music, is at her happiest and ready to  sit down and create...
Aiman Arastu from India, has had a love and interest in art, since she was a child and now she gets to share it with every one online.  That is one of the amazing sides of the internet, that whether you are creating art as a profession, or it's a favourite pastime, you can get people from all around the world to look at it, appreciate it, give constructive criticism and offer collaborations.  I have seen all these thing happen and I know there are Trolls (not the fun fantasy kind) and negative people, but they can be deleted and ignored, most of the time they just disappear, the upside of it, in most cases, seems to be really worth it.  Below you can find mandala drawings and an array of different subject, Arastu has lovingly created.

Ink and Colored Pencils.
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If tea can't fix it, It's serious.
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Conventional design.
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Hot Air Balloon.
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Red like the Sun.
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4 Cards Suits.
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Vibrant and Colorful.
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Complex Angular Shape.
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Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving
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Starting to Paint.
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Ballpoint Mandalas.
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