27 Nov 2018

Paris Illustrations Colorful Architecture

A great way to show off a beautiful city like Paris, by adding extra color and warmth to it.
Brigitta from Tubidu Graphics, has always had a passion for architecture.  The buildings speak to her in a way, that is a lot deeper, than the casual glance we sometimes give these imposing structures in our lives.  The second ingredient to this illustration recipe, is a subtle but consistent use of bright colors and as you can see below, it really brings out a great fantasy feeling to her art.  Almost as if, they were kissed by a rainbow...

The Red Curtain.
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Paris Balcony - Night Version.
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Quai Saint Michel - Yellow Version.
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Rainy Day.
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Au Parloir du Colombier.
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Closing Time - Paris Café.
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Le Saint Paul - Café Yellow.
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Morning Shine - Montmartre.
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Night Walking - Montmartre.
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Quai Saint Michel - Green Version.
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Hydrotherapie - Paris Windows.
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Dreaming a Dream - Paris Rooftops.
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Paris Balcony - Daytime.
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