5 Dec 2018

Paintings of 12 Cats in Different Art Styles

The title gives away half the story, in the next written portion and images, we are going to have a look at the styles and the Artists, that provided the inspiration.
Bulgarian illustrator, UX/UI designer, game interface artist and graphic designer, Veselka Velinova, gave herself a challenge to paint 12 cats, in 12 different art styles.  Before she started she had to look and learn, not only the style, but also the technique, to be able to achieve a realistic look.  On a different subject, cats are a great subject matter to centre this project on.  They make for amazing companions and have a very eccentric attitude about them, with very many differing personalities, perfect for the styles explored below.

Inspired By Van Gogh.
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Inspired By Gustav Klimt.
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Inspired By Impressionists.
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Inspired By Wassily Kandinski.
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Inspired By Picasso.
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Inspired By Pop Art.
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Inspired By Joan Miro.
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Inspired By Egyptian Art.
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Inspired By Futurism.
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Inspired By Marc Chagall.
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Inspired By Japanese Art.
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Inspired By Naturalists.
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