3 Dec 2018

Tiny House Stone Cottage on Wheels

At first glance, it looks like any other lovely little stone cottage, in the middle of the forest...
Dot & Byron Fears, are the creative design team behind this custom order, for a Tiny House on wheels.  Once transported to site, the wheels were removed and the brickwork, was laid to carry it to the ground and complete the effect. On their website, they refer to "The realistic faux stone" but don't mention the material.  I am guessing that the real thing, would be to heaving when it came to transportation.  The home measures 24 ft (7.3m) in length, with an area of approximately 250 ft² (23.2m²).  The beauty of these homes is that, if you want to change location, but are happy with your house, you can just transport it elsewhere, with minimal impact to the surrounding area and enjoy a whole set of views from your windows.  We have featured Simblissity, before here on DesignStack, a link to the post is just below, another great tiny house not to be missed.

Sustainable Architecture with a Tiny House on Wheels

Home Transportation.
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Home in Situ.
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Forest Background.
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Side View.
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Kitchen and Dining Room.
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Living Room.
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Kitchen and Fireplace.
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Propane Fireplace.
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Kitchen and Dining Area.
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Shower Room.
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Master Bedroom.
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