24 Jan 2019

Year of the Pig Chinese New Year Zodiac Drawings

Chinese New Year is fast approaching, this year it falls on the 5th of February 2019.
The animal that is celebrated this year, is The Pig.  Luqman Reza Mulyono aka (jongkie), brings us this and the other 11 that form the complete cycle, starting with the Rat and ending with the Pig.  Each year, its the turn of one animal, at the end of the 12th year, the cycle begins again.  You are represented by the animal, who's turn it was, on the year you were born.  Each animal has its own characteristics, that include strengths and weaknesses.  The animals below, have been positioned in the order they hold in Chinese custom, with the Pig, right at the end.  Mulyono has graduated as an architect, but has decided to pursue a career in the arts, as that is were his passion really lies.  This Indonesian artist, has come up with a great stylised way of illustrating these animals and I hope you will like them as much as we do.

The Rat.
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The Ox.
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The Tiger.
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The Rabbit.
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The Dragon.
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The Snake.
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The Horse.
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The Ram.
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The Monkey.
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The Rooster.
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The Dog.
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The Pig.
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