22 Feb 2019

Celebrity Portrait Drawings On Used Vinyl Records

I would never have thought that you could use colored pencils on vinyl and that the images would look this good.
I know that this post might be a bit controversial, as we are seeing a resurgence of vinyl records and collectors are probably screaming at the monitor, phone or tablet, saying: "what an absolute waste it is". I can offer a bit of perspective, the records are second hand and Melissa Jane sounds like she is just beginning in her art carer, I don't think she has the money or the clientele, that warrants buying rare collectables.  The ones she probably goes for, are the cheapest or slightly damaged ones, making sure that no important work of art, are not lost to in the process. 
Talking about process, this is how Melissa Jane says she got started: "I was originally desperate for an idea for my printmaking final and was listening to the new (at the time) Bayside album which had lyrics "the story of his life is etched into a vinyl". It gave me the idea of attempting to etch portraits into vinyl records. I grabbed a few from the second-hand store and tried sketching the outline of a portrait on one to see if I could design the etching that way, and now here we are!
I never ended up trying to etch them, and don't remember what I did for that final, but I'm pretty happy with the results right now."

David Bowie.
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Marilyn Monroe.
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Elvis Presley.
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Hugh Jackman.
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Florence Welch - Florence and the Machine.
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Johnny Cash.
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Brendon Urie.
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Brian Setzer.
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Andrew Mcmahon.
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Dave Grohl.
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Tim Pocock.
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William Beckett.
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