13 Mar 2019

Blue and Round Fantasy Watercolor Paintings

More precisely, either the painting is entirely blue or, where the main color is blue.
Artist Prakersh creates many different types of art, but the ones that caught my eye, were his small blue watercolor paintings, all of which come with a profound description or a single word.  Words and sentences that express feelings and state of mind, are seen a lot of times, a being, or sounding cheese. In my opinion, it's because these sentiments have been used against us to get something from us, usually advertisers wanting us to spend. It's just a shame to allow others to sour such beautiful aspects of our life, by cut away that link.  So, embrace the words, the feelings and you will feel better for it. PS.  when you read the titles of the images, written by Prakersh, it will hopefully make sense.

Waking Up 10 : Conquer.
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Waking Up 09 : Fearless.
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Waking Up 03 : Destiny.
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04-Rise Beyond Your Reflections-Prakersh-Blue-and-Round-Fantasy-Watercolor-Paintings-www-designstack-co
Rise Beyond Your Reflections.
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Everyone Has a Different Road, a Different Journey. Embrace Your Own.
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Waking Up 12 : Always.
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Waking Up 04 : Choice.
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Anchored to my Dreams.
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Collaboration with @Studio.Wood.
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Waking Up 11 : Never.
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Waking Up 07 : Endure.
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Waking Up 08 : Stronger.
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Waking Up 02 : Journey.
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