3 Mar 2019

Realistic Portrait Drawings WIP

From the artist's page, I have mostly chosen the drawings that show a step by step process.
Artist Justin Cohen, works with the following tools: Graphite, Charcoal, Black Colored Pencil, and White Ink on Stonehenge 90lb paper.  In my opinion he puts them all to great use, given the amazing results.  There is a mixture of models for the portraits in this post, some are friends and family of the artist and other are celebrities, all captured in these black and white masterpieces.

Wolverine - Logan - Hugh Jackman.
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Keanu Reeves - John Wick WIP.
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Sir John Vincent Hurt.
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Stan Lee.
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Portrait of my Grandmother.
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06-Deadpool-Josh Brolin-Cable-Justin-Cohen-Realistic-Portrait-Drawings-WIP-www-designstack-co
Deadpool - Josh Brolin - Cable.
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Portrait of my Mother.
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Water Dripping.
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A Friend.
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My Friend's Dad, Michael.
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WIP Portraits.
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